Our Environmentally Friendly DPF and CAT converter cleaning machine process.

Once the DPF Filter has been received the core is soaked with a special cleaning agent and left for around 45 minutes. This will start breaking down the Ash and Soot accumulated within the filter.

We then drain the filter and hook it up to our cleaning machine.

Air is then put through at pressure for a set amount of time to remove the Ash and Soot that remains in the filter core.

With this cleaning machine there is no drying process needed for the internal filter core as the 45-minute cleaning cycle completes this all in one.

** We don’t use high pressure water cleaning systems that could strip precious metals or damage the internal core of the DPF Filter or Catalytic converter**

Using 100% bio de-gradable cleaning fluid makes it not only the best but the most environmentally friendly. 

Alternative cleaning machines using compressed air / pressurised water as been known to breakdown the DPF substrate, the Advanced DPF cleaning machine only uses our specially formulated and environmentally friendly cleaning fluid and air.

Please note to achieve returning the filter to near new state this process can not be achieved while the DPF or Catalytic converter is on the vehicle.

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