What is remapping

What is

Simply put remapping is where your ECU is uprated from factory standard to your choice of settings just like tuning your engine.


Vehicles manufactured since 1999/2000 are managed by an on board computer known as an ECU and they determine boost pressure, fueling, timing ect.


All vehicles from factory are mostly under powered due to the vehicle being manufactured for global sale and it has to cope with many different continent environments like temperatures, fuel and air quality.  For instance, vehicles sent to Canada or Russia will have extremely cold winters of up to -50 but then the same model is sold in Africa where summer temperatures can be + 50.  The vehicle has to be able to cope with both climates and be reliable.


Some of the parameters that are alters on the ECU are Turbo Boost pressure, air quantity,  Pedal Maps, torque limiters, Injection quantity, Injection duration and Injection pressure.


For example, lets take just two models:


The new transit 2.2 TDCI which come in four different  power models.    85, 100, 125 and 155 bhp models and the only difference is the map on the ECU that’s installed from factory!   So all the above models are just a factory de-tuned 155 bhp model so this engine can be tuned to around 175 bhp Safely.


The 2.0 TDI Caddy vans come in 3 different models, 75, 102 and 140 bhp power plants.  Yes you guested it,  the 75 and 102 are just de-tuned 140 bhp model from factory.  Again we can bring all three models safely up to around 175 bhp.


Its a very simple process, firstly we take a copy of your unique ECU settings from your vehicles obd port and send them to one of  Viezu’s highly trained technicians in the UK.


When received the technician will upgrade your ecu setting’s you seek for your vehicle.


Within an hour, your remap is sent back to us and reloaded onto your ECU and that’s that.


No other modifications are needed as all maps are designed well within the engines tolerances and to work on standard engine components.  You will see the results immediately and with the added benefit of MPG savings.


You don’t pay for any work until you are happy with the results after a test drive.


We never use Generic or off the shelf remaps, this is what sets us aside from other companies out there.  All maps are done live by award winning Viezu Technologies,  the UK’s biggest file writing company.  ISO 9001:2008



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