Remapping FAQ

How long will it take?    Your uprated file is usually back within 20-30 minutes and the process takes between 60 – 90 minutes start to finish depending how long it takes to read and write on the ECU.


Where can it be done?    With mobile technology,  remapping can be done at your home or work place at a time that suits you. If its more suitable then you are more than welcome to bring it to our Unit in Stradavoher, Thurles.  


Can my original map be re-installed?   Yes, all of your original ECU settings are kept safe if you ever wish to do so.


Can a dealer detect our remap?  In some circumstances a car garage may re-flash the ECU on a vehicle to upload the latest software.  If this happens your modified file will be overwritten.  No problem, all you do is call us and we will schedule to re-install your optimized map back on again.

Will a remap shorten my engines life?    No not at all.  All settings are optimised  within the ECU without ever exceeding the limits of your engine and power maps can run on factory standard parts.  Viezu Technologies have a dedicated commercial insurance policy for every vehicle they supply a map for.


How effective is our remaps?   If you don’t immediately see the savings, if you can’t instantly feel the extra power or aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days then we will revert your vehicle back to its factory standard setting and refund your investment in full!  You have nothing to Lose!


**We can not underwrite technical advancements in dealer detection tools**




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