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Here at Tipperary Tinting we have been remapping vehicles since early 2015. With the rapid increase of more complicated systems on modern vehicles, deletion maps are becoming more popular where customers can be faced with large sums of money to fix them. When a module is deleted that function is removed with software that’s flashed directly onto the ECU and fixes it permanently.  Below is a list of modules that can be deleted but is dependent on the vehicle’s ECU and software variant. 

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Please be advised that deletion map’s are dependent on ECU and Software Variants.  Always call to ensure there is a deletion solution for your vehicle.


With the increase of cars being equipped with this option in order to obtain a reduction of NOx emissions and this element is expensive to maintain by vehicle owners. NoX sensors and the Adblue system can be fixed at a fraction of the cost by remapping out.

DPF Removal

This deletion software automatically makes the deactivation of the DPF “Particulate Filter” and allows it to run without having a filter installed on the vehicle. Soot accumulation due to short drives, faulty temperature and differential pressure sensors deleted.

EGR Removal

Exhaust gas recirculation valves were introduced in the car market as a way to reduce gas emissions as a way to recirculate already burned exhaust gases over the intake manifold in order to be re-burned and this way lowering their emissions. This is basically the function of a EGR valve.

The problem of this concept is that the exhaust gases bring a lot of engine oils and fumes, that after some time they end up blocking the intake manifold lowering its efficiency dramatically.

Active Grill Removal

The Active Grille Shutter (AGS) is a mechatronic system that performs a key function of selectively allowing or restricting airflow with an automatic opening and closing of shutters based on real-time needs.

The most common problem is actuator fault or the need to remove the system in order to create room for an intercooler upgrade. When this happens, the vehicle gives MIL warning problems related to the system management of the shutters.

Burble Activation

The name burbles/crackles is another name for overrunning the fuel cut off (FCO), basically by adjusting the delay of the FCO and some other modification, it’s possible to make your petrol car sound different with a more aggressive sound.

This activation map is designed to work with sports Catalytic Converters.

Cold Start Noise Reduction

Cold start noise can be heard when the engine is cold while the Lambda is warming up. The module illuminates that sound so your engine sounds less noisy until its warmed up.

DTC Removal

DTC or “Fault Code” removal module allows removal of individual error codes from ECU Depending on the system.

Exhaust Flap Removal

The Exhaust Flap is a valve installed in the final muffler and this parts biggest objective is to reduce the noise in cold start conditions. When this module solution is applied the valve will be open in any condition.

This is also a valid option when the final muffler is removed. In some VAG vehicles, this valve is also controlled by selecting the Sport Mode to give a much more aggressive tone.

Swirl Flap Removal

Knowing that some cars have issues with the Swirl Flaps and repair costs being high, most commonly seen on some VAG group cars. This deletion module allows the de-activation of the flaps by disconnecting them and removing its functionality and fixing the problems on many vehicles, saving owners from spending a lot of money on a new unit.

Hot Start Fix

As vehicles get older some can develop a hot start problem. This then takes the engine more time to start up. This can drain the battery more quickly and could cause wear to the starter motor and all related parts to be affected.

Immobilizer Off Module

The Immobilizer is a very important part of most modern vehicle electronics. It’s there to protect against theft and offer’s some degree of protection. When a problem arise with this system the vehicle will not start and can be costly and require a new ECU. By deleting this function it is possible to solve without great expense to the owner.

Kickdown Deactivation Module

When the accelerator is pressed on automatic gearboxes the vehicle changes down but then that leaves the car no longer gaining speed and can start to slow down . This can be deactivated on certain vehicle ECU’s.

o2 - Lambda Sensor Removal

This deletion module will allow customers to remove Lambda / o2 sensor errors when a new catalytic converter is either fitted or removed.

Launch Control Activation

Enabling launch control on your car will change how the vehicle reacts to a rapid take off senario. This software will automatically hold around 2700 RPM until the speed hits about 10 Km per hour. It controls the amount of power to the wheels until good traction is achieved. Once the predetermined speed is reached the RPM Limiter will automatically move to normal and maximum power is then restored.

Popcorn Limiter Module

This module is similar to burbles activation on petrol engines but with a different goal. Popcorn Activation module allows the car to pop and bang when it hits off a predetermined Rev setting. Please note that to get the best sound, the vehicles DPF must be removed.

Soft Rev Limiter Removal

A soft rev limiter is a function that most vehicles have to protect the engine while at a stand still or in neutral. This function can be disabled and would be beneficial if a burble map was installed.

Speed Limiter Removal Module

This module allows the removal of a speed limit that manufacturers introduce in many vehicles.

Sport Display Module

BMW F & Mini cars that have a sport gauge in central module display with BHP & NM can be recalibrated to suit new tuned software values. This module is automatically added free to a power map provided by us.

Customers will be able to see the new values and gains on the sport gauges.

Stop / Start Disable Module

The Stop / Start system on vehicles can be very annoying when your not in City traffic.

With this disable module it will turn this function off permanently so your vehicle wont turn itself off when stopped in traffic.


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