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DPF Cleaning in Tipperary

Some reasons why a DPF filter might clog up and is unable to regenerate properly.


There are several reasons why your DPF light might illuminate on your dash board, but here are just a few examples.


  1. Short or town driving, the vehicle needs a long run over 2000 RPM for at least 30 minutes to properly regenerate.
  2. Using cheap oils or lack of manufacturer service intervals.
  3. EGR Valve problems.
  4. Faulty glow plugs or Injectors.
  5. Leaking boost pipes.
  6. Faulty DPF pressure and exhaust temperature sensors.


Leaving your DPF problem continue without fixing the fault could also cause your turbo to fail with back pressure.


The most common problem with any DPF is that it needs cleaning. Sooty black carbon deposits build up inside the filter, causing a lack of performance, going in to limp mode, MPG reduction and running problems.


Our specialist process removes these carbon deposits in about 2 hours and restores your DPF to full working order.

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