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DPF cleaning €180.00

Catalytic Converter cleaning €160.00


The above prices are for Car, Van and SUV Vehicles only.  For bigger units please call.


Vat @ 13.5% Included 


Our DPF cleaning service provides a fast, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for troublesome vehicles compared to a forced regeneration which in most cases will only rectify the problem for a short amount of time.  Our cleaning process has a consistent 98% of the original new condition. 

Using our DPF cleaning service can generate significant savings, removing the need to undertake costly on-going repair bills or having to purchase an expensive new filter. 

We advise that you NEVER purchase a cheap aftermarket filter!

Our equipment is designed so that you can do the entire cleaning cycle of filters with one machine and one process.

That is why the cleaning process is faster and less expensive than others on the market.

We check before and after Mbar pressure for a DPF filter to ensure process gives great results.

Main Benefits

  • Removal of PM10 residuals
  • Removal of oil residuals
  • Removal of cerium residuals
  • Efficient cleaning of all of the types of particulate filter and catalytic converters.
  • Safety of the filter with our machine.
  • Preservation of the noble metals of the DPF and catalyst.
  • Easy, fast and inexpensive way to get you back on the road.
  • Environmentally friendly machine.
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