Tipperary Tinting are suppliers of premium 3D Gel  & 4D Acrylic number plates. 

Bespoke number plates and designed to help vehicles stand out from the crowd and letters and digits are now in high demand and are a must have item .

Our 4D number plate letters and numbers are Acrylic laser-cut characters.

You can choose from the following style of number plates:

50mm or 60mm 3D Gel carbon fibre.

50mm or 60mm 3D Gel piano black.

50mm or 60mm 4D Acrylic black.

 Please note that due to the width of our 60mm characters, there can only be a maximum of 8 letters and numbers with a flag on the plate

Precision laser cut 4D characters to make your reg plate stand out from the crowd. Clean & Crisp, all our plates are hand made in our workshop in Tipperary, Ireland.

These are stuck onto the plate as opposed to conventionally printed ones.

 Results are truly unique with a bold appearance providing additional depth and letter distinction. 

Our UK supplier only use’s the highest quality genuine perspex and all characters are backed with an automotive standard 3M adhesive.

Our bespoke Gel 3D letters and numbers are expertly embossed which means registration marks are raised from the plate itself. 

3D number plate letters not only look fantastic they provide a luxurious finish.

In addition to bespoke 3D number plate letters and as part of the comprehensive services offered, we also provide Country and EU Resin domed car badges.

The Jigs used in the creation of our Gel 3D & Acrylic 4D number plates assist in the accurate placing of our letters to current automotive standards. Perfect results are achieved every time.

We also have one of the largest selection of corner Gel badges in stock to enhance your new number plate even more!

All of our number plates characters are car wash resistant and backed with a 2 year warranty.  

To see the high quality of our plates, you can call into our premises to view them up close.

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